You can help elderly, poor and disabled people suffering from Fuel Poverty this winter by switching energy supplier to Ecotricity – Vivienne Westwood

Why wait for the next general election? You can vote on our national energy policy tonight. With a couple of clicks you can change your energy supplier from a fossil fuel based one to one that puts its profits into green energy research & projects. If the whole country did this we would wake up tomorrow in a different Britain.

It’s time to choose: a vote for green energy is a clear political and moral act.

‘‘The only way to save our lives and future is to switch to green energy’’, says Vivienne Westwood. “We must all demand a fast transition to clean energy. We require a Green Economy for human life to flourish and remain sustainable. Switching to Ecotricity speeds up this transition and also gives money to Fuel Poverty Action.”

For every person that switches their energy supply to Ecotricity quoting “Vivienne Westwood”, Ecotricity will donate up to £60 to Fuel Poverty Action. This represents a £40 donation for electricity switches and £20 for gas switches (£60 dual fuel).

The funds raised will support Fuel Poverty Action in their work with pensioners groups, tenants associations and others who provide help in the form of blankets, draft-proofing, or aiding people getting their debts written off.

With our present system 25,000 people aged 65 years or over, poor and disabled, could die of the cold in the UK this winter.

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, Vivienne Westwood’s green energy supplier, says “We can solve fuel poverty if we invest in renewable energy as a country and harness our indigenous and ‘free’ energy supplies”.

Vivienne adds, “Importantly, the Big 6 energy companies – most of whom are anti-environment and anti-life – will be delivered a fatal blow, with more and more people switching to green energy suppliers”.


For more information about Fuel Poverty Action please contact Ruth London. M:
07751 748 026.  E: 

For more information about Vivienne Westwood’s Intellectuals Unite please contact Cynthia King.  Tel: 020 7924 4747 E. 

For more information please contact Richard Hillgrove, 6 Hillgrove Public Relations. M: 07773777790.  E: 

For more information about Ecotricity’s offer for Fuel Poverty, please contact Mark Neveu.  E:



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