There is one truly political act you can make as an individual or a group – SWITCH to GREEN ENERGY.’ 

Vivienne hosted a political club night at Fabric on Monday evening called SWITCH! Pamela Anderson, Gwendoline Christie, Jo Wood and more came to listen to Vivienne – joined on stage by models wearing paper crowns – as she spoke about urgency of waking up to climate change:

‘Paper crowns mean people power! Rot$ = poverty, war and climate change. Rot$ is the enemy we must sabotage, we need a green economy: First step, SWITCH to Green Energy.’

Ecotricity’s founder, Dale Vince joined us via video link above. ‘A Guy Called Gerald’ and special guest DJ’s Jay King and Josh Ludlow provided the soundtrack to the Mad Max dress code with clubbers wearing homemade paper crowns, decked out as post-apocalyptic climate warriors.

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