The Press (official media)

  • Pretend to be impartial by promoting ‘free and fair discussion’ between opponents. This means focus is on detail, most of it arbitrary because it ignores the bigger picture: no true perspective.
  • On Good Morning Britain ITV, I answered the question (re: Trump’s support of fossil fuels) – “People affected by this, the coal miners and communities in America which are devastated and in decline because the coal / fossil fuel industry has stopped – have you any sympathy for those people?”
  • I answered according to the bigger picture:  the need to go green – for survival and real wealth.

[Everyman, meaning the 7bn. – Not the 1% who control 7bn. – is moving fast -> Now wants a green future. Trump, May and the 1% are trying to stop the clock and go backwards.]

  • Corbyn’s got it right: Labour’s manifesto is fair distribution of wealth. He can pay for it by switching to a green economy.
  • To answer the detail of the TV’s question, I would put it to the miner’s, ‘Is yr. job more important than extinction of your children and grandchildren?’english-coal-mine-children

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