My American friend says, how can you say the rotten financial itself is the enemy? It’s got to be Trump, because it’s the 1% who run the system, who are responsible for the system.

Ans = Yes, Rot$ & the 1% who run it grew up together: free market capitalism created an uneven playing ground where the poor get poorer & the rich, get richer – & de-regulation of the banks, whereby the money they lend has no relation whatsoever to their reserves, and debt grows out of all proportion to what people could ever be able to pay back – so that bankruptcy now orbits the earth – Thatcher was the worst. – She’d still be a denier if she was still alive.

But by now Rot$ is now self-destructing taking us with it. Only a brainwashed person could get a job as a president, he has to believe in Rot$. – It’s out of control: Trump’s not running it, it’s running him. Same happened with Obama.

It’s vital to get the analysis right. Know your enemy or you’re aiming at the wrong target. The logic tells us Rot$ itself is the enemy.

Rot$ is designed to kill us.

Free World economy is designed to save us.

It is founded on the moral that what nature gives us free cannot be privately owned – land, underground (fossil fuels): air & air waves (Rupert Murdoch would have to pay his taxes – a lot). 

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