• In the New York taxi, on the back of the driver’s seat is television. It was the usual fodder.

When we reach the tipping point, possibly within a generation, we would have uncontrolled extinction. I wonder if people would be more inclined to listen if I told them there wouldn’t be any more television.

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  • At the casting for our photoshoot, none of the models had an agent except Poster Boy. We found them all online – promoting themselves through social media. Most of them are not rich but they can get rich in this way through sponsorship etc.. They all earn their living from it & they all knew each other.
  • Early morning, day of the shoot, in the lift, one of the models was sucking his coffee through a plastic straw from a big cup with a plastic lid. R said, coffee: free / from friend who works in the coffee shop / R’s not so rich. Tells me can’t recycle cardboard cup / thinnest film of plastic inside the cup / impossible to separate.
  • Asia Society Museum

Such unexpected reactions to the exhibits.
100 watercolours framed in white, pressed against each other on one of the white walls. They were all by young Maoists painting their friends. Community projects, portraits, asleep on the floor of the forest with his gun, all young people. It reminded me of Wordsworth poem ‘Bliss was it, in that dawn to be alive’. I had an overpowering realisation of what that revolution was. Jung Chang’s father (Wild Swans) – too pure for Mao who destroyed him.


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