What is happening in China – Social Credit Score – applies to all world citizens who possess a phone or computer, we just haven’t been given our numbers yet. The Chinese government has asked half a dozen tech monopolies to come up with a number on a ladder from 1-10 of each person’s worthiness as a member of the human race – Which may mean you never get a job, medical treatment, a date and so on. The most important point about this is if your friends aren’t politically correct that effects your number. So, what in effect this ladder is doing is creating a caste system by number.
The scheme’s not short of volunteers trying to get a high mark now because it’s going to become law in 2020.
This is preparation for a society controlled by AI and the only function of human beings is to be the right kind of consumers.

The reason that China sustained for thousands of years was because they had a complete identity of culture throughout, and that was underpinned by the Tao spiritual system.
There was never more need for the Tao today. Tao gives you a feeling that you belong to the cosmos and gives purpose to your life; it gives you such a sense of identity and strength to know you’re living the life you can live and therefore ought to be living: make full use of your character and full use of your life on earth.

Huxley made the point in Brave New World that being alone was treason.
We do know that China supresses spiritual and religious activity, such as meditation and prayer. But, in Tibet we’ve started to hear monasteries are being rebuilt, and there is now religious tolerance.


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