Dear Chiki,

  • You have to self-educate and it’s not easy: you get out what you put in.
  • It’s lovely to hear from you, and to hear you say, ‘I miss Vivienne’ – I miss you, Chiki, but there’s nothing I can do about it for the moment. All l can offer you is what I put up on Climate Revolution, so, I want you to keep in touch with me, by following the site and my playing cards. It’s the only way you can really connect the cards and collect the cards. Instagram is too ephemeral for you to put in what you get out. So, you have to work at it, you have to look at the posts one by one, and look at my ‘talk-to-camera’ videos. Have a think about it, try to get someone else involved doing it as well. All the cards connect with each other, we hope to find a way to cross-reference the cards, like a game. Collect the cards, connect the cards.
  • Two more things, you’ve got to be a reader of books. The first book I recommend you read is, ‘Catcher in the Rye’ by JD Salinger, it’s masterpiece because of the way it’s written; because it’s easy to read and because it’s about America in the twenties. And, the hero is a really likeable kid. This is just a way to start, next time I’ll give you something completely different.
  • Secondly, I want you to spend time and really listen to this: Vivienne at the South Bank Centre because it will give you a perspective on anything you read, and anything you read, you’ll be able to fit into this perspective. It’s a comparison of two extremes, Chinese traditional civilisation and American decadence.
  • It’s so important to read a book. When you look at a film, a film happens to somebody else, when you read a book, a book happens to you. If you would read a modern book like ‘The Road’ – it’s an absolutely great book – but, you might not be sure what’s great or not. If you go back to before 1900, time has sorted out which are the great books, you won’t be reading too much rubbish. It will give you much more perspective for comparison if you go back, rather than dealing with now. And that is the point, what you need to do is compare other people’s vision of the world with the way you see the world now.
  • You need to go to art galleries and for the same reason, you shouldn’t go to the modern art gallery. Go to the Met and the Frick. There is no progress in art.



  • The most important card in the whole pack is the map:


  • Chiki, I’ve got an idea for a band that I’d like to discuss with you. The reason I thought of you is because you’ve got such a rich speaking voice.

Love Vivienne


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