Julian is King of Clubs in my playing cards, clubs = war and he is a hero because through Wikileaks he exposed US war crimes. For this reason US wants to charge him with crime against the US (the crime is he told the truth about the US). They want extradition and the secret court is waiting (they have admitted this) his fate is sealed -> concrete cell.

At the moment. The Russian buzz is a non-starter issued by US government spin so we can all forget about the real facts – which is that Clinton’s cred was badly effected by Wikileaks’ release of compromising emails and that Trump got in by algorithms.

Misrule of law by UK government. Our present government has Julian trapped in the Ecuadorian embassy – which has kindly given Julian political asylum – if he pops his head out the door they will arrest him, if he is taken to hospital they will arrest him. If they would agree not to extradite him, he would leave immediately. Either that, or they would stop pretending the reason they’re keeping him there is that he jumped bail. He would defend himself and if he lost, he would have to pay a maximum fine of £5,000.

Do you think the founder of Wikileaks, cut off from sun, with no access to the outside world and in rapidly deteriorating health is short of £5,000? Come off it, Theresa!

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