We’re off to shoot our new fashion campaign in Paris. Working with people who directly work in fashion is the only time I ever see fashion – I don’t see it on the street. Fashion’s about styling and I only see clones, all wearing the same pair of black tights or marks and spencers’ £29 pair of denim jeggings. For other items, the high street does not copy fashion. A skirt is designed to be sown in the shortest time by cheap labour, going from a to b in as quick as possible, whereas fashion is a highly skilled, labour intensive job.

These interns are working with us, they love fashion and some of them made themselves:

Julian, Taylor and Marina

Julian, Taylor and Marina

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  1. Dear Vivienne (Andreas and all),
    firstly I would very much like to thank you for what you’re doing in terms of climate and social activism!

    I am writing because I would also like to ask you if it’d be possible to buy sustainable light weighted cotton from you of through your sources since I don’t know where to do so properly and my aims for textile production are small. Or in a case, you’d have a space I’d make it in collaboration with you/you’re workshop.

    I am thinking about a small edition(s) of handmade screen printed, embroidered or painted ‘t-shirts’ with a graphic design of mine.

    In a case this wound not be possible I am interested in an internship.

    So that’s an idea.
    Have a beautiful day!

    Iva Liberta aka Strange Diva

    Comment by Iva on 12/06/2020 at 4:53 pm