Dear John, Dear Matthew,

Cynthia + I began Climate Revolution in 2011 with the aim of connecting all the NGO’s. The first thing to do slant arrow Save the Rainforest. Cynthia connected us to the charity Cool Earth + Greenpeace – we formed a great + lasting friendship. Cynthia died from cancer on Sunday 7th June. Ricky her beloved brother holding her hand. I am trying to save spiral, I couldn’t have done it without her.

You 2 were the first. We have a dynamic working relationship resulting in our manifesto NEW-MONSTRANCE.

Friday’s speech, The Big Picture 19th June, states that Greenpeace + Cool Earth are working with all the NGO’s together 2 save the rainforest + the ocean. This is the first step in the manifesto 2 stop Cra$h 2026. slant arrow simultaneous Climate Cra$h, Financial Cra$h. It’s true to say that both of U already link with other NGO’s in the course of yr work; it’s true to say that the rainforest + the ocean R 2 of the 3 priorities of the manifesto slant arrow I have 2 update the manifesto slant arrow the third is Stop War. All 3 tog. R the cause of most massive destruction, that 2 tackle them successfully would halt climate change.

How do we go on from here? Regarding the rainforest, the object is to give legal custodianship 2 the people who live there. slant arrow Tribal people + farmers. This means that we will have 2 stop Bolsonaro + we need govts 2 endorse this + 2 endorse “Stop subsidy to industrial fishing”. Or slant arrow no fish. Fish regenerate + oxidise the ocean.

Working within the framework of: no-one can own Land*, how do Cool Earth and Greenpeace work together if at all? We need a plan to cover the whole forest + the whole ocean. We need a report on all the activities of NGOs: rainforest + ocean. They overlap which will help us work out an overall plan of operation. The Oxford Rewilders have a map of the ecological state of the spiral Are you in touch with the Marine Conservation Society? Surely, they must have begun a map showing activities of NGO’s re: ocean.

Until now, we have asked many other NGO’s 2 follow CR website, as we proceed step by step 2 convince ev. that NEW-MONSTRANCE is the only solution 2 save us from total extinction slant arrow that NGO’s working tog. R the means 2 save us. The problem is that practically 100% of land is privately owned by the super rich. Govts R corrupt in that they collaborate in this theft. Land is real wealth, this is why there is an ever looming gap between rich + poor. This is why govts R corrupt, because they R aggressive in supporting the rich landowners.

For those NGO’s who now feel ready 2 join us, we ask them 2 do so. NEW-MONSTRANCE is open to all. slant arrow Ev. connected, all R needed. Stop War. We call on Medecin Sans Frontiere to come aboard. There is nothing controversial in the manifesto, we are asking govt support in the public interest. We need 2 put pressure slant arrow Speak 1 Voice slant arrow Help from public + cartels.

Climate Revolution is well aware that we need back-up support from various cartels: investors, technocrats, trade unions, Press + govt – plus other institutions of support, e.g Taschen + Cartier Foundation.


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  1. Thanks for your post Vivienne, and I’m so sorry to hear about Cynthia. I used to correspond with her through email, and she was nice to mail things to me in the US.
    I hope that we can save the oceans and rainforests before it’s too late!


    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 23/06/2020 at 8:29 pm