This is the 16th speech I’ve given during lockdown, until now I’ve been taking one step at a time 2 explain the need for No Man’s Land . The plan being 2 make sure the NGO’s + U the public understand it’s the only way out.

We can’t just keep fiddling with capitalism, it’s death. We must change the economy; we hope we have 5 years left before we’re too late. Over the weeks I must have spent at least 100 solid hours trying 2 say what I need to say in a 3-minute speech – it was still too long. I was worried it wasn’t going to work, do people really want a lecture from me about the economy? On Thursday 2nd July, Andreas + I set off to record the Friday speech, we went 2 a red door of the pottery on the side street by St Paul’s church yard. It wasn’t quiet after all, I carried on, I thought the desperation of what I wanted to say worked with the noise of the traffic. We got halfway, too noisy, we stopped. I could see that Andreas was getting upset, “It’s too long, they can’t hear a word U say! Yr deaf, I haven’t got a microphone, it’s the worst speech I’ve ever heard. U said land at least 10 times!” He wasn’t listening, “How can u possibly talk about the wonderful achievement of Westminster Abbey + talk about price, it’s priceless.” I thought nobody would listen. We went into the church yard.

All weekend, I thought I’d failed + I rewrote the speech. It’s a shorter, more powerful speech + I’m going to say it again: Speech # 17.

The diary is a back-up to my speeches, and I’ve written them out:


Friday 3rd July – The Big Picture

is Wealth, is ocean, air, underground treasure ev. that grows + lives ARROW-RIGHT biosphere. It is nature’s free gift, 2 No One ARROW-RIGHT ev. we do or make comes from the use of : potatoes, , technology, travel, & we should look after the + the in our own self-interest. ARROW-RIGHT Ev. ok SLANT-ARROW Trouble is Rot$, the Rotten Financial $ystem i.e 1% + more especially Big Banks faceless-evil now owns all land. Meanwhile, the rest of us have been growing those potatoes, working on that technology SLANT-ARROW say U build , U must pay the owner 4 the : is yrs. When the govt. builds a road with public $, goes up in value horizontal-harpoon ARROW-RIGHT all accumulates. This extra value attaches to the value of . When tourist’s come 2 W’minster Abbey price goes up horizontal-harpoon. in London is now the most valuable on Earth. SLANT-ARROW Right! When ev. U buy a sausage, horizontal-harpoon , because because U R the Mkt. SLANT-ARROW U buy what U paid 4, many X over, by yr labour + yr taxes. SLANT-ARROW The price of is now so high, No One can buy except investors: Mkt will peak soon + econ. will cra$h 4 good. All profit ends up with faceless-evil.

Boris is a clown + a m’fucker! Build! ARROW-RIGHT for investors! No! We have enough empty flats + offices, give them 2 public who built them + paid 4 them in the first place. This is cheaper. SLANT-ARROW C Rev will impose , fair wealth econ.


Friday 10th July – The Big Picture

Ev. we do or make comes from the use of : potatoes, , technology, travel. is the only wealth we have, it includes ocean, air ARROW-RIGHT airwaves SLANT-ARROW Ev. that lives and grows. We use money 2 buy it. & we only have horizontal-harpoon planet: Earth. ARROW-RIGHT belongs 2 No One SLANT-ARROW Trouble is Rot$ financial system faceless-evil now own virtually 4/5 of all . They did it by financial fraud, 2 big 2 fail, lies. faceless-evil Big Banks : Goldman Sachs is the most criminal. Headlong Greed, ruthless Destruction, War! The biggest motherfucker on earth. SLANT-ARROW They work tog. with investors, trashing the Earth. Govts R antipeople, pro investors. Boris Build Programme is 4 investors not people. SLANT-ARROW It’s the econ., stupid! We R the Mkt 2 DOUBLE-ARROW consumers who pay 4 all the crap we suck up 10 x over thru’ our complicated + devious tax system. SLANT-ARROW Only way out ARROW-RIGHT Stop cc. If we put a hold on non-essential jobs 4 6 months we would cut pollution + CO2 by 30%. Introduce . ‘Build’ is the worst thing Boris could do. We don’t need more roads SLANT-ARROW crappy infrastructure is 4 investors. Connect the dots: who owns owns ev. ; who owns ev. owns . No Mans Land is Freedom.



= House

= Land + No Man’s Land

cc = climate change

faceless-evil = Faceless Evil








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  1. I can feel your struggle and desperation…but please do NOT give up! Your speeches and this blog is so important for me personally and mainly for our planet and humanity! If only we could spread your Word around the globe:)) Fridays and Tuesdays became my favourite days during lockdown:)) Thank you for all your energy you have to put into this, it’s priceless! Take care and keep going! :))

    Comment by Julie on 07/07/2020 at 9:37 pm

  2. Dear Julie and all who R following my campaign to save the world,
    Thank you for your support. The focus will now be, Be Specific -> Stop arms production -> Stop War! Ev. Will fall into place / change economy: ev. connected.

    Comment by CR on 10/07/2020 at 2:32 pm

  3. I agree with Julie! Your speeches are very important for people to hear, and I also look forward to them each week. Thanks again for all that you do Vivienne!

    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 07/07/2020 at 11:24 pm


    God just made an ultimatum to you
    For the world, you must follow through
    If it is a climate resolution you seek
    Then behold the ultimatum I speak
    For the future of the race
    you must act with speed and grace
    and for the security of the throne
    Our nation can not do it alone

    For every one of us is in the light
    And if we fail shall feel God’s might
    For his ultimatum is this
    If we the climate change target miss
    The world shall receive Judah’s kiss
    and for all the generations to come
    The leaders shall be viewed as dumb

    However if the climate target met,
    Around the world people will not fret
    For we shall have obeyed holy command
    and be saviours of all God’s sea and land
    The human race and nature hand in hand
    Climate emissions are totally banned
    For this climate disaster shall be averted
    and positions of power shall be converted
    From the tired and old industrial ways
    to finding that harmony with nature pays

    Future generations shall never falter
    in their views of the climate we alter
    But which direction shall this go?
    For only positive action knows
    Pressures on the powers that be,
    and that includes you and me
    while sacrificial actions are a must
    And in great feats of science we trust
    To avert this much looming disaster
    Be sure that we must resolve it faster
    Meeting the deadline is too late
    We are scheduled to meet our fate,
    yet the wise would arrive before,
    and the human effect must be restored,
    And if we dont its through hells door.

    The choice is well within our minds
    Do you a sustainable world pine?
    Or shall you fall for delusions superior
    And make God’s grace rather inferior
    Solutions must be sought and fast
    Because this ultimatum is your last!


    Jude Goldforster

    Comment by jude goldforster on 08/07/2020 at 4:46 am

  5. Dear Jude,
    Thank you so much for your poem that you sent to me at 4:46am. I was brought up in the Christian religion. I think Jesus lived, tho’ there is no historical evidence. It’s a truly magical story about love. But he was no more divine than U or I. I follow the Tao. We R all spiritual, we belong 2 cosmos. Structure + energy R the same but travelling at different frequencies = rhythm = life force. Catch the rhythm. I don’t believe in heaven or reincarnation, or identity after death: we’re part of the life force of the cosmos. 7bn don’t know but U know. U realise there will be no planet 4 life 2 form. The earth will be a boiling barren desert. We have a possible 5 years left to deal with it.
    Love Vivienne

    Comment by CR on 10/07/2020 at 2:30 pm

  6. Bloody awful poem Jude

    Comment by Lucy on 08/07/2020 at 9:52 pm

  7. Dear Vivienne,

    thank you for your reply to my poem, and sharing something interesting about your religious beliefs.

    I am familiar with some Chinese religions, and like many there is a golden rule which applies; treat others how you wish to be treated. An identification of the principle of Reciprocation. Zen goes further than that with the idea of reciprocation, and there is a lovely story about reciprocity of the mother nature:

    A person should not be viewed as planting a seed, but rather giving the seed to the planet. The world is generous and reciprocates by giving back to the farmer a plant which he can eat.

    People are always looking for reciprocal relations in this modern day, yet are detached from direct understanding that one should have such a relationship with the planet, as it reciprocates generously with everything we need.

    The planet should be looked after, and kept safe, in return it will look after us; the modern world is resulting in pollution and waste, so its obvious in terms of reciprocation as to what the result shall be.

    Have a lovely day,


    Comment by jude on 13/07/2020 at 6:33 am