Evening walk, Clapham Common. Big clouds in the blue. We lay down on the grass, so special, English, Gainsborough clouds catching all colours, sun low. No phone SLANT-ARROW No photo. And then a swallow. For the last few years I hadn’t seen any, there used to be so many diving over the ponds, + tiny in the sky.

 I was just so carried away with happiness, swallow hirondelle rondino ARROW-RIGHT symbol of hope. I am a happy person because I have a purpose + a mission. Save the spiral. Sometimes I get depressed. No chance! 7bn don’t know. Press deny 2 give the big picture.









Fred, what do you think of: www.millionairesforhumanity.com







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  1. Thanks for your message Vivienne! I love the charity shop setting too, and your outfit is fabulous as always! Love to you and Andreas.

    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 10/07/2020 at 3:36 pm

  2. <3 those two paragraphs at the start and that image of the swallow, just really beautiful. Will sound silly but hard to imagine you getting depressed, you always seem to be so full of life!
    Also that bit about Goldman Sach's being the devil ha, I shagged a guy that worked for Goldman Sachs last year and he was just awful, one of the worst guy's I've ever met + he had a really small nob haha. I've been trying to write a novel in lock-down and I'm thirty-thousand words in, you would probably hate it haha but your manifesto's really inspiring me to write it. Only on the first draft but here's my first chapter.
    Love to you and Andreas

    Comment by Patrick on 14/07/2020 at 4:30 am

  3. I’m a fashion designer student, and I met you a long time ago by a YouTuber girl that used some accessories of you. So, I kind of I knew you deeply and realized how we have the same concern.
    How to assimilate something that is seen as one of the most futile things in life to something with such meaning? Life by itself, the beauty it carries and our duty and honor as human beings. It sure is a big challenge! I hope to bring a great message to the world, so that it can be better together with what I like the most and you have been my biggest inspiration!
    if my career as a model succeeds, I hope to have the honor of at least meeting her one day!
    (I just have bought your book)
    Let’s keep fighting!

    Comment by Sthefanie Moon on 15/07/2020 at 12:47 am