Gaming the Law / This is how we change the narrative.

RE: BBC Interview with Victoria Derbyshire, Tuesday 21st July

They have a script and that script is the narrative, the narrative is the official voice of the establishment. An interview is not an exchange, they never pick up on the reply of the interviewee but proceed with the script. This means that the narrative doesn’t change, the public don’t fill in the gaps or the objections. It’s simply the received opinion.

When Victoria Derbyshire interviewed me, I insisted on finishing my answer which meant she had to reply. It became a discussion by which means I managed to change the narrative. Victoria was puffed up with her status as a journalist of the BBC meaning that she has official authority / The BBC are recognised as an impartial authority, but they do not deserve this status. I don’t respect the BBC. I’m not one of the interviewees who just stands in line and doesn’t quibble when I don’t have the chance to finish my opinions. Without demur that my opinions are not listened to. I do question the authority of the BBC.

The Press are the pillar of the establishment, this is how they lie e.g. Julian Assange was accepted as a political prisoner by the Ecuadorian embassy. The British Crown Prosecution  then invented the idea that bail is more important than political asylum –of course it’s not. Gaming the system, Julian Assange: no country can arrest someone because of an allegation. They have to charge them: Habius Corpus. Julian Assange was arrested by Britain because of an allegation and given bail at £250,000 – an outrageous sum plus house arrest.


At the time of his political asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy, political asylum takes precedence over bail, yet the Crown Prosecution resurrected the bail charge. 2 years house arrest counts as 1 year in jail.

They’re already gaming the law by introducing unprecedented fines, before a man has been charged for the crime for which he is really being pursued: it is a crime to publish the truth about American war crimes.KING OF DIAMONDS

This is how the press lies, Julian has been presented as someone who is escaping justice, squirreling himself away in the Ecuadorian embassy. The Embassy accepted Julian as a political prisoner because it was now public information that America wanted to arrest Julian.  He should have been allowed safe passage to Ecuador, but no, the English said! If you put your head outside this Embassy, we will arrest you on trumped up bail charges, when he has already paid bail many times over 4 a rape allegation invented by Swedish prosecutors, trapped in the embassy for 7 yrs.  He agreed 2 go if Sweden would say they would not extradite him. They refused, meanwhile UK told Sweden, “Don’t come to him here.” Bail gaming lasted 7 yrs. Sweden said they had run out of time.

It is illegal for anyone to invade an embassy and drag out a political prisoner who has been given asylum, and so, this is how the Press lies. This cartoon shows the strong arm of the law holding an abject little puppet in the air in triumph.


Assange arrested

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  1. Vivienne,

    You were very brave to go on the BBC for an interview knowing that they would spin the truth. I am proud of you for holding your own and voicing your opinion. I sent the video to all of my friends to educate them on the importance of this subject. My friend in New York responded by saying “What about the charges against Assange in Sweden?” I told her that these were trumped up charges and part of the plot against him. People really don’t know the truth, and they seem to blindly believe what they hear and read in the news! I always question what I hear because it’s usually false. The media is just as corrupt here in the US as it is in the UK!
    Thanks again for defending freedom and the truth!

    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 23/07/2020 at 2:17 am