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The charter is a working manual.
Every piece of information on the site will spring from it and refer back to it.

Climate Revolution Charter

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  1. […] all profits going to Climate Revolution, Vivienne Westwood has designed a limited edition, 100% organic cotton Climate Knot-Wrap, which is […]

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  2. Dear Vivienne
    yesterday I saw a documentary of Jimmy Hendrix where he was talking about this things…. about climate… revolution…. he was 26 years old and it was 50 years back…
    Nothing has changed….

    Comment by Guillermo on 26/12/2013 at 5:01 pm

  3. Hello Mrs. Westwood,
    I just read the article from yesterday in the Guardian. came to mind as a possible venue for the cause. Maybe you already know about it.

    Best regards

    Comment by Heather on 17/01/2014 at 10:54 am

  4. Dear Vivienne, my friend, if I were you, I would tell people the whole truth about life. Would you?

    I would let people know that all they hold in their hands today is a result of what they created and brought into “form” in their past lifetimes.

    It is done now. And it takes time to change it. There is no revolution without consciousness.

    Who created rubbish – lives in its own created rubbish now.

    Who created love – lives in his own created love.

    Who creates a world of freedom, love power and revolutionary climate will find herself in these comfortable qualities in their future lives.

    I would tell them, you are not limited to responsibility for your kids and friends kids future lives only. You are responsible for every bit of your own life on your lifetime-line. And if soul reincarnates, climate does either too, live or die, it is all in your hands, you can choose.

    Get a Life means not only to get this life but also every life you will come and come back, reborn into this beautiful planet earth ♡

    Comment by Anjani on 30/01/2014 at 7:07 pm

  5. Dear Vivienne

    I’m writing to you as a fellow ethical fashion lover and blogger.

    I have started a petition calling on the European Parliament to introduce labelling which makes the manufacturing conditions of clothing clear to the consumer.

    I would like every garment in Europe to be labelled Fairtrade, SA8000 (or similar) or unregulated.

    I think it’s outrageous that we can choose to buy freerange or cage eggs, but have no official way of knowing whether human rights abuses were committed by the companies which make our clothes. Of course, some brands are clear about their ethics, but the majority of high street brands are distinctly uncooperative and evasive about the work conditions along their supply chains.

    I am writing to ask for your support with my petition.

    Would you consider signing and sharing it with your friends? It’s here:

    Would you also consider publishing my piece This has to change as a guest blog on Climate Revolution?

    Any other suggestions on how and where to promote the petition would be much appreciated too… I’d love to hear your thoughts.



    Comment by Kate Seamark on 20/03/2014 at 3:10 pm

  6. ♦In Europe: European Commission to add to conditions on its 0% tariff trading partners, requireing a national insurance system in each country or pay more tax.

    ♦In Bangladesh: Bangladeshi government to catch-up on its human rights commitments, made to get a 0% tariff, and introduce more girls’ schools and a national insurance system.

    ♦In the UK: Department for Business and GLA to alter London Fashion Week, so that UK factories nominate stallholders, and stallholders name their supply chains. Ethical selection of stallholders to be judged by experts, not fashionistas.

    ♦In the UK: Department for Business to release more tax data about the UK companies that exist and help anyone who wants to build any directory of UK-based manufacturers, including clothing manufacturers.

    ♦In the UK: Government to find ways of bringing unemployed landlords and their workshop space back into work at market rents, however low.

    This is just a checklist of ideas which I think are not promoted enough except on my obscure facebook page!

    Looking at your charter, I wondered why the main trading systems seem to create more heat than happiness; economic growth causing climate change rather than a relaxed life in Bangladesh.

    One reason, I think, is the external rendition of so much industry to countries without anything like national insurance payments for staff.
    The result? A lot of poor people working hard in Bangladesh, more T shirts than the world needs, and unemployment in the UK.
    The solution? Import tariffs on goods from badly-run countries, giving the opportunity for them to change for the better and get a lower tariff. It would be a big job to define how this tariff works – so many points for a national insurance system, so many points for a place on the democracy index, so many points for human rights. Once defined, despots around the world would make a great deal of angry noise, declaring their rights to run countries badly and keep their citizens poor, but after a generation I think we’d have a lot more happy stable countries in the world and a lot less despots and wars.

    The other ideas on the list are about industry in the UK: the right to make things in a country with the costs of a welfare state, and still get by. There are things that government can stop doing, and things that government can do.

    I hope government has stopped subsidising shopping centres in the name of “development” from European Regional Development Grants. I hope my government stops its strange festival of consumerism called London Fashion Week, or reforms it.

    There are things government can do in the UK to promote employment, and without spending a lot of money.

    Government can release a lot of trade data that it holds in tax offices, and give it to anyone who wants to write a trade directory. They’ve recently made Company’s House information available for free, but there is a lot more data to release and decisions to make about how to do it. At the moment, if I want a belt factory or an ink factory or somewhere that makes biros, I have very little idea where to start looking and where the nearest one is. The temptation for factory work is to go to Alibaba and find a Chinese firm that will sell a container load, when there might be a belt factory within cycling distance that I don’t know about. The same is true of builders and contractors; if we could find the closest person to hire for physical work like building and decorating, we would save a lot of early-mornign starts and long commutes.

    Government can release a lot of private workshop space which is un-let. I went on a tour of the Olympic park as it was built. The guide told me that a lot of the factories round-about where derelict. But when I called the numbers on the TO LET signs, I found that landlords aren’t willing to pay-in a rent cheque of less than £1,000 a month, even if the roof has a hole in it and the place needs a tenant to look after it. Government can pass laws to force these landlords to hand-over the keys to the department for employment or a local government and to find temporary tenants, even if the rent is often zero. With workshop space comes the ability to use more machines than we can use at home. So government can help make sure that there is affordable training in how to use these machines, and can make sure there is a market for borrowing and lending them cheaply.

    That is the end of my rant and I hope it interests someone.

    Comment by Manifesto from PlanB4fahion - John Robertson on 12/07/2014 at 1:40 pm


    Hi Vivienne
    I would be very grateful if you are able to discuss the Campaign for Air Pollution Public Inquiry.
    The first step to force change is to expose the failings of those who currently make decisions.
    The only way to do that is a Public Inquiry.
    The criteria for this are fully met ; it just needs support

    Comment by Anonymous on 22/09/2014 at 12:12 am

  8. Dame Vivienne, We met briefly in Ramsgate at The Revolution Cafe (30th April) after I discovered the completely unexpected and amazing revelation that you have become a Heroine and Stateswoman for humanity and our beautiful blue planet. I thanked you for coming and supporting ‘us’ and mentioned four words Value Change for Survival. These words are the core message of others with the same mission as you have embraced.

    You are right the Federal Reserve was created in corruption, and to repay a borrowed dollar one has to borrow another dollar and so it perpetuates … an endless debt which ultimately creates one thing, fear consciousness. Energy is worth 300 trillion a year and yet Tesla 100 years ago tapped into EM energy. Please read the Black Box chapter. That technology is available now, I have worked with it. Stanley Meyer invented the water powered car by using vibration to separate the hydrogen. He wouldn’t accept a billion dollars to bury it and ‘they’ killed him.

    However, there are other things that lie deep at the core of the capitalism that you have targeted, issues that you may be aware of or you may not. If you would like to speak about these things and the only effective and safe way to address them I am at your service.

    Light and Peace


    Comment by Chris Elliott on 01/05/2015 at 12:25 am