February 2017

Dear Leonard,

This is an article by John Pilger, a brilliant journalist and friend of mine. He’s famous for exposing the evil of Pol Pott and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and his analysis of how America caused and orchestrated America’s war in Vietnam. If you know that, then you understand about American foreign policy – they created the idea of the good South and the bad North controlled by Ho Chi Minh by physically moving the whole population. Ho Chi Minh was 80% popular and wanted to be friends with America and what we people in the West saw on our TV screens, was all the people from the North moving South, supposedly fleeing from Ho Chi Minh when in fact America was forcing them to flee – “Leave your village tomorrow or we bomb you!” I don’t know whether it was litres or tonnes of Agent Orange that America sent down on that earth. Laos the next country to Vietnam is the most bombed and defoliated country in the world simply because America wanted to make a buffer between America and the rest of the world. I’ve sent you a picture of a t-shirt I printed (the skull). He has spent his whole career exposing political evil.

Back to Obama, we had hopes when he first got in but the American political system seems to only allow Presidents to do evil not good. Even so, almost since the beginning, I’ve looked upon Obama as a coward (I never said anything to you about this because I know you were hoping he could help set you free). I did think it was pathetic that for whatever reason he accepted the Nobel peace prize when he got in – indeed, the only reason that I can think of is that he happened to be black; gave Americans the chance to believe voting him in proved they were a free country.

Chelsea Manning is a victim of the illegal use of law by the political powers. If Chelsea had stayed plain Bradley Manning, war hero she would not have been let out. She was freed on compassionate grounds because her life was in danger, she’s a heroine of the transgender movement which is so importantly popular now that science has proven we’re all individually at least 50 different combinations between male and female – very exciting! Obama’s reputation would have been forever vilified.

There is no reason whatsoever why Obama could not let you out. He knew about you through Martin Garbus and Lorna had sent him a clip of her film that really ought to have convinced him. Many people still fight for your freedom including myself and Lorna, I hope she manages to finish the film. You are a hero Leonard, and you paid a heavy price for your commitment to help your people. I have not communicated with you very much this last year because I didn’t want to say anything that might somehow stop your chances: I just hoped.

Now Leonard, my philosophy, and I think the same philosophy is important for you. Life is a gift, and I want to repay that by understanding and appreciating the world I live in – it’s our duty. My slogan for this is Get A Life – you get out what you put in – this is freedom, you are in control over your own existence. The way to do that is in understanding the past, not just the past of your people, but all the people of the world. Therefore, I want to send you some books, every great book is a vision of the world, it’s as alive today as it was when it was written. Though it comes from a different time it is timeless, we can enter this world by putting ourselves in other people’s shoes and I am going to send you books. I can do it through the publishers, if there is a more efficient way to send books, let me know. Let’s hope you have a lot of time left in or out of prison to do the same. I’ve tried to send

I’m trying to the save the environment and save the world from mass extinction so I’m sending you first this little book written in 1928 by E.M.Forster (via the publisher). Meanwhile, please read my book of diaries because you can dip into it at any point; this book will give you a view of the world, I don’t know where else you’d get it. As I wrote in the beginning, my view is heretical – heresy means you don’t believe in the dogma and you’re therefore dangerous to the establishment.

I will continue to send you things.

In the spirit of crazy horse, all my love right now



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