This is in reply to a lady who introduced herself as an apostle of Jesus who wanted me to help her spread the gospel.

Dear Dora Aggudey,

Thank you for your letter asking me to help you.

I’m sorry to disappoint you because I realise you’re a sincere person. I don’t believe in God as a father figure and I consider the bible to be a myth, old testament and new testament. Though there are historical references in both; there’s no reason not to accept that Jesus might have lived.
I was brought up as a Christian, and the crucifixion of Jesus affected me, it’s probably why I care so much about the extreme suffering that can happen to people.
But, I believe our path through life is a spiritual one. I like to think I am part of the cosmos: my life is not my own, I just rent it. If I lead a good life, it’s good for the cosmos.
Perhaps the only thing that exists is intention / structure. All myths begin with the same idea; the Hebrew Bible begins: In the beginning was the word and the word was God.
I’m happy when I’m thinking.

Love Vivienne

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  1. Alright Ms. Westwood!!!
    Well said!

    Comment by Lisa Hooker on 17/08/2017 at 1:56 pm