This is what I mean: you can’t change the president until you change Rot$.
Trump’s attitude regarding climate change – I’m not sure whether it’s: “Doesn’t exist!” or “Bring it on – I’m the Devil, I can be anything!”
Obama isn’t a denier, he might do something if Rot$ would let him.

Rot$ = Cause of Brazil’s problems. Yet their move to allow mines to destroy the rainforest could be the last nail in the coffin re: human race’s chance to survive. No world government can help – they’re all locked into the Rot$ / Rotten Financial System.

It’s all competition, rip-off and 1% control Rot$ – and all our enemies must eat shit (e.g Venezuela – they should be helping them not making things worse). What can we do to save the rainforest? CR call on all NGO’s to get together! Where R U Greenpeace, Oxfam, RSPB?! Amnesty – protect people losing their homes. Where will they go?



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