Dear Vivienne, or should I say Miss Swire as that is the name I knew you by until Saturday.  Let me explain; a friend of mine had read in Vogue magazine that you had taught at Furness Road school during the years we were both pupils there. I dismissed the idea that you could have been my teacher, Janine was a year below me and remembered your name,  but did not ‘put two and two together’ until reading the article. On Saturday I was watching the recent documentary about you when I realised that you could be my teacher, so I rushed to my photo album and there you were (see attached, I am in the front row next to Danny, the black guy). You may already have a copy of the photo, but in case you have not, here it is. Both Janine and I are quite creative and we are now giving you the credit, thanks.

Best wishes


Vivienne's letter to Janet Bliss

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