Craig Murray
Your Man in the Public Gallery – Day 18

Ian September 28, 2020 at 10:33

Craig’s summary makes the point well. This is essentially a US trial taking place in a British court, with their lackey, minor functionary and bureaucrat Baraitser, following her instructions. Clearly those are to keep it as short as possible, minimise any opportunities for the defence to question witnesses, or reveal the darker truths around this whole case. Like a faithful bureaucrat, taking her satisfaction from following her instructions, she muzzles the defence while giving every concession to the prosecution. The British legal profession should be ashamed and appalled, but seem to prefer to avert their gaze and, like the press, pretend this isn’t happening.
The idea that she is ‘considering’ releasing a slew of personal information about Assange, despite even the prosecution not wanting it, tells you a lot about her and her handlers’ intentions. What would be better, in their sadistic view, than for the verdict to be announced along with a hoard of personal information which the tabloids would put on the front page, destroying any perception that Assange may be a victim in these machinations. They are beyond evil.


  • Ian September 28, 2020 at 11:05

     The only reason the defence needs more time is that the prosecution deliberately withheld the relevant documents until the last possible moment, often the day witnesses appeared, so that it has been impossible for them to call key experts or prepare their case. The whole thing is rigged in order to deny the defence adequate time to present its case and witnesses. It is a travesty of justice. And Baraitser lied about them having ‘plenty of time’. She knows full well that they have been deprived of key documents to make it next to impossible for them to mount their case. Because, as has become evident, the prosecution case is beyond flimsy – a farrago of lies, distortions and smears – which they have gone to great lengths to protect from scrutiny.
    And yet, despite all the barriers put in their way, any observer will have seen how the defence witnesses have consistently run rings around the prosecution, to the fury of Lewis. They have shown his case to be based on lies and false suppositions, have have far more expertise, particularly in US law and politics than him, and have shown Assange’s vulnerability to the extreme torture and isolation which they are condemning him to.
    No wonder they want it curtailed, and no closing speeches. An utter travesty.


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