Manifesto, Save spiral, Climate Revolution (CR) & NGOs working tog. I am the only person with a plan to save spiral from cc & cra$h because I have analysed ROT-APPLE 2 b the problem & MONSTRANCE, the solution. The whole spiral is in denial because nobody understands the urgency due to Organised Lying.

I’m a fashion designer & an activist, I use my fashion for my activism & my activism 4 my fashion. Everything’s connected. Each of my playing cards tells an aspect of what we need 2 do 2 save spiral & I’ve been constantly refining & changing them so that nothing was missing. The solution is not stop capitalism, it’s stop capitalism but replace it with No Man’s Land. I only discovered this solution when Fred Harrison came 2 an IoU meeting, “I’ve been campaigning all my life 4 land reform & I want 2 convince young people.”

The Big Picture: I’m up 2 my 36th Friday Speech.

I wanted 2 build awareness before I print the cards & the speeches were great 4 me because step by step as I explained I was honing my message so that I was discovering what the hell I was talking about as I went along. & I had 2 keep writing my manifesto 2 bring myself up to date & now I’ve done it. It is a manual of operation & a tool 4 recruitment, sponsors & fundraising. The manifesto has 2 be a success in 5 years. It’s enormous what we’re trying 2 do but it’s possible.

CR, NGOs & popular support. Speak with 1 voice. We R sending it now 2 all the influential people we can think of inc. the IPCC & UN & Caroline Lucas. Politicians must become custodians of MONSTRANCE. We want support from the TUC & Technocrats. It’s digestible & bitesize. The Diary will present it 1 section at a time so that U have time 2 absorb it. It’s magnificent & I want your deep conviction that it’s possible. “Yeah I’m in!”

He who owns MONSTRANCE is a usurper accumulating wealth which belongs 2 the public purse. The 1% know they R a rip off which makes them vulnerable 2 self-doubt & fear of the mob: scared, irresponsible & anti-people. Yet, they vie with each other 2 be the richest & that’s what holds them tog. ROT-APPLE is their ‘raison d etre’, their reason 2 exist. They R in denial of The Big Picture Cra$h: not 2 b is 2 b a traitor 2 their class. (i.e 1%). No longer entitled 2 b superior: the present establishment would collapse. spiral would not belong 2 them.

Boris is irresponsible because all he cares about is hanging onto power & all his colleagues & the press R all in it tog. One for all, all for one. They’ve got 2 support each other. One day he’s promising to create thousands of green jobs in the UK’s industrial heartlands, the next day jobs for war. There’s a new book out about him called, ‘Boris, The Gambler’ explaining how it’s all his Dad’s fault for winding him up & making him a shambles.

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  1. Vivienne,

    I am excited about the new manifesto! I loved Active Resistance to Propaganda, but No Man’s Land seems to be more about direct action to save the world. I wanted you to know that I have started my own chapter of No Man’s Land here in Ohio where I live. I am sharing your message with friends and family, mostly online for now because of Covid, and I have included my good friend in N.Y. as well.
    America is in trouble, and the incoming president will not change anything. They are planning on bringing back people connected to the Obama administration, which means more endless wars and globalism. We need a new economic system now!
    Keep up the fight Vivienne, and I will do my part as well!


    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 24/11/2020 at 3:03 pm