Dear Lucy, (IOU Book Club)

Happy New Year! Did U all have a Merry Book Club Christmas? Reading is self – education. ARROW-RIGHT What is it like 2 live in other worlds? (see definition of culture ARROW-RIGHT Queen of JOKER-HEARTS’s).

Here R some recommendations 4 adults as well as children (‘Baba Yaga’ is included in Mussorgsky’s music ‘Pictures at an exhibition’. I have used this sound picture as well as the grand final piece, ‘The Bell of Kiev’ in the soundtrack of past fashion shows.) Fairy Tales R empowering 4 children: question, form moral sense. One little girl, jealous of her new baby sister, said 2 her mum: U hate me because I am more beautiful than U.
I will post U something ARROW-RIGHT review or comment on books or the arts ev. first Tues. of the month as the Diary.


Diary Tues. 5th January 2021

Logic is something we impose on spiral: it could be a different story. Another logic is what Lewis Carol is doing 2 Alice Lidell in Wonderland: teasing her.
Today’s story says, that a man, interested in pre – pubescent girl, is a pervert. Not true 4 Carol. ARROW-RIGHT he is trying to liberate Alice. He was a photographer: in the photo he really crosses the convention ARROW-RIGHT has her pose as an urchin ‘The Beggar’. Children R magical, full of wander. (Teachers love children). A girl is different than a boy because her future role as a potential mother is different. She has more responsibilities: she must learn social skills, manage people + talk sense. She is already trying 2 be a woman. (When girls become teenagers, they tend 2 drop all this + by the time they mature most join the world of public opinion (the narrative).
Wonderland is about altered states + altered status. It’s a riddle 2 which the answer appears 2 have no relation 2 the question. Carol was a mathematician who, 50 yrs. before Einstein, understood the theory of relativity: a game of croquet using a flamingo + a hedgehog that runs away; where U run so fast U think the wind will blow yr. hair off + find y’self on the same spot, “R U thirsty? Have a biscuit” ARROW-LEFT Red Queen, ‘Thru’ the Looking Glass’: a game of chess.

Wonderland: a web of words no different from a buzzing of bees or falling leaves. Alice awakes shouting “U R all a pack of cards!” The only place U exist is in a dimension relative 2 ours.


ben miller book list
The Princess Bride by William Goldman
The Iron Man by Ted Hughes
Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Simon Armitage
Baba Yaga trans. by Sibelan Forrester






Alice Liddel - "The Beggar Maid"

Alice Liddel – “The Beggar Maid”

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  1. Thanks Vivienne! I appreciate your book recommendations. Happy New Year!


    Comment by Jeffrey Jordan on 05/01/2021 at 2:50 pm