I am Julian Assange, I am the canary in the cage. If I die, down in the coal mine from poisonous gas, that’s the signal for ev. 2 get out. I am half poisoned already from gas ARROW-RIGHT legal corruption, gaming the system. No sun. I am whistling away but 7bn people don’t know what’s going on in spiral.


Julian Assange is a publisher, he began Wikileaks in 2006, a safe haven 4 whistleblowers. Of course the net 2 trap him was cast early on. Since then Wikileaks has exposed spiral wide corruption, with a massive release of secret documents in the public interest.  SLANT-ARROW The collateral murder video went viral.
It is not illegal but in the public interest 2 publish American war crimes.  Don’t Extradite Assange.  It’s a stitch up.  The indictment has 18 counts of the indictment with a total of 175 years in jail.  Each count is worded so as 2 tick the box.   Guilty ev. time: e.g. conspiracy 2 obtain documents 4 the purpose of obtaining them. TICK-BOX U R guilty because U R guilty. SLANT-ARROW This is insane.  Ev. publisher does this on a daily basis.  Report this! + we might get a Judge who’s not corrupt.  Last yr a Fed. Judge upheld Wikileaks’ right to publish illegally acquired material.


Stop War!  Stop government + legal corruption! – Gaming the legal system. Rule of Law gone.  Invents a crime + stitch up the victim to fit – in this case: it is a crime to publish American war crimes.  Free Assange.


Canary in the Cage












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  1. Yass Queen! You are absolutely right. Keep on fighting, you inspire all of us

    Comment by Agnes on 21/07/2020 at 2:42 pm