“Come and join Us! You are an Intellectual. We have to unite.” Vivienne unites students at Derby and Manchester Universities.

Vivienne took to the Universities of Derby and Manchester this week to ignite Climate Revolution’s new campaign, Intellectuals Unite. Over 1000 students attended the lectures designed to educate on Climate Change and inspire students to ‘Get a Life’. Armed with the bold and inclusive core values of Intellectuals Unite – Self-Education and Demonstration – Vivienne urged students to think for themselves and to Reject Propaganda propagated by mainstream media.

Over the course of the two-day tour, Vivienne explored the many faults of our current neo-liberal economic system and expressed the urgent need to fight climate change, slowly bringing the connection to culture and emphasising the importance of reading books, visiting art galleries and engaging with nature which can transport you to another place, making you see the world differently.

She asked the students to be their better self, to follow their curiosities and build a Green Economy by attending demonstrations and contesting the Government on climate change.

Vivienne motivated the students to understand that change can happen and it starts in their own city; that everyone in the room is an Intellectual and can make a difference however small.

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