I do intend to explain what capitalism is and demolish all objections by the pro-capitalists. Here is an example from my next blog

… I gave him a leaflet and he said, “But what do you mean by capitalism? There are different levels.” It’s true that this needs explanation. If you read my leaflet then it’s clear that monopoly ends in capitalism. Big fish eat little fish. Big fish control the markets to force small firms out of business. (There is a good example of this in “The Grapes of Wrath” by Steinbeck when the canning  companies sell their fresh fruit at a loss and bankrupt the small farmers). In the past there were laws to prevent take-overs but in recent centuries the laws have been ignored and withdrawn. Business with proper control is good for the economy; that is not capitalism. Joe’s shop is not capitalism, nor our business. We offer genuine choice.


Everyone is talking about the end of capitalism together with how we transfer to a post-carbon economy. The answer is simple: what’s good for the planet is good for people.

I wish to quickly explain how capitalism runs the world. Give you a perspective. If you hold onto this perspective then you can work everything out for yourself, even down to the detail. Know what you should do. Everything is connected.

I’ve written everything down because I want to get it right. One step at a time.

Central Banks: We have to start with the central banks which control the world’s economy. They do this by creating debt. (It’s actually a global Ponzi scheme).
The central banks are private banks. The US Federal Bank is one; they are organized by the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) in Zurich.
These central banks print money. Today they do this by pressing buttons. They create virtual money out of nothing.
This money is loaned to other banks, monopolies and governments. It has now become a debt.
The central banks prefer it if the loans are never paid because what they want is the interest – which accumulates out of all proportion to reality.
This means they always have fantastic amounts of money to lend and they don’t have to print virtual money except in an emergency.
It also means that the central banks come to own everything – because they own the debt. How often have we heard of a poor country selling its assets and natural resources just to keep up with the interest payments on the debt it has been forced to borrow?

Monopolies: The monopolies work this system for the central banks. The monopolies do the actual job of wrecking the planet and exploiting its people (cheap labour). They suck up small businesses.

Capitalism: This economic system is called capitalism. Capitalism began 200 years ago and is now global. It is coming to an end. It is not possible to continue indefinitely using up the world’s resources. Capitalism is run on fossil fuels – which are more difficult to get and running out. You can’t have capitalism without fossil fuels. It began with coal and ends with oil and gas.

Environment: The conventional supplies of fossil fuels which are easily accessible have all been discovered. They are finite. Science tells us that we must leave 80% in the ground. Otherwise, runaway climate change is inevitable.
warmer-world-hero-postWe are in a trap: we can’t suddenly stop using these fuels but we must phase them out, as soon as possible, in exchange for sustainable energy.

Sustainable energy: Sustainable energy is cheap and infinite. It will be a base for a different economy, a fair economy founded on true human values. We will develop the world we want.
Don’t forget that capitalism is a war economy: it profits from war. Its aim is to own everything.
We would prefer cooperation and community. Capitalists prefer competition and death.

Governments: Governments serve the central banks and the monopolies. Together they form a triad. This triad is desperate to hold onto capitalism. They have resorted to extreme measures, e.g. fracking.
Now that capitalism is ending, the fact that it is a Ponzi scheme is more clearly exposed. Governments help the central banks to conceal this by imposing austerity; pretending that we can control the debt.
The debt accumulates and it can never be paid back. A child unborn already owes an enormous IOU. Debt is simply a promise to pay in the future. Austerity is a proof of government contempt for people. They will suffer: we will continue.
Meanwhile the central banks are showing their hand by printing emergency money. They bailed out the commercial banks to keep the system going. They might as well print more virtual money and tell governments to stop the austerity. It won’t make any difference. If capitalism continues, it will crash. The dollars will be useless. All money will be useless.

Democracy: Governments do not care about people. They care only for their own power and that lies within the triad. In England this applies to all the main parties. There is nothing to choose between them. There’s no point in voting for any of them. That’s why I say there is no chance of immediate democracy in England. Old people vote from habit. Young people: we have to build the minority parties. The Green Party has a sane and practical agenda.

We must fight the main political parties. Everything they say is rubbish. Everything they do is dangerous.

Demonstrate: Time is running out. Come out and be counted. Numbers = People Power. We want a government that’s on our side. We must oppose present governments to get the government we want.

It’s great that we have identified the common enemy as capitalism itself.
Every demonstration is a fight against capitalism against the government and against austerity. Everything is connected.
Capitalism is the enemy of the bees, capitalism is the enemy of human rights. Everything is connected.
And when Occupy says “We are the 99%” that means that the 1% is Capitalism.

See capitalism v climate

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  1. Right on sister!!!. THANK YOU so much for all that you are doing. It gives me hope.
    I have lived offgrid for more than 20 years on land owned by a collective. I raised my children there so they could learn the value of important things, like water. Water is life and connects us all.
    I agree with what you are saying and am grateful that you are using your position to help educate the masses. The media is a powerful tool.
    Fracking can not happen !!!.
    Warm regards
    Avril x

    Comment by avril evans on 08/10/2014 at 1:24 pm

  2. Dear Vivienne, you are an inspiration! I am a composer and have a change to write a song for performance at the South Bank to be sung ‘to the new government’ at the general election next year. I want to make it a passionate song about climate revolution and capitalism! Would you consider letting me use some of your inspiring words? THANK YOU!!!

    Comment by Cheryl Frances-Hoad on 23/10/2014 at 6:45 pm

  3. (have a CHANCE) sorry!

    Comment by Cheryl Frances-Hoad on 23/10/2014 at 6:46 pm

  4. I understand your anger towards the players fueling climate change, yet be careful in what you say, how you frame it. Your post blames capitalism for the end of the world, yet in the eyes of those youre arguing against, those players created this modern world with modern comodities they enjoy. In those who side with the polluters eyes, those polluters are the image of comfort and luxury. To actually turn those people around, you cant tell them what they think is wrong, but rather why what you think is right and let them find the correct answer through your argument… sorry for the rant, i just wish there was a hope for the planet…

    Comment by daniel becker on 06/11/2014 at 12:16 am

  5. ….a perfect example is the famous company so called Nestlè, they are partners with BIS in Zurich -one of their incredible monopolies is to exploit natural sources of water all around the world-for example in Pakistan they already exploit most of their natural existing water to fill it into plastic bottles and sell to the people-the poor who can not buy water need to drink polluted water and become sick…no wonder they become religious fundamentalists or even terrorists but as we know this as well supports another big lobby the gun lobby -crazy -all is connected to support capitalism and exploit the poor….

    Comment by Gregor on 08/11/2014 at 5:20 am

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