Dear lovely boy,
I guess you’re not very old, you sound like a young person, thank you for writing to me. I feel like you do – I even fell ill when I realised the devastation caused by Putin in Ukraine. I think we have probably gone over the tipping point. But let’s hope we’re wrong. We must keep on working, and we’ve got a good plan, one that will work. We’re going to do it as quick as we can. Follow the website and then you’ll start to understand the plan, and tell it to your friends:
Understand America rules the world! America is trapped in its pivotal relationship with Saudi Arabia Arm Sales for oil. It is also trapped in its relation to China it amounts to posturing and dangerous prevarication e.g. the build up of military bases and manoeuvres in the south China sea. But it needs China. The whole now runs the Capitalist system which is a war economy, and Trade War.
This all begins 400BC. Civilisation started 4,000 years ago in Sumer (Sumerian civilization) with a war empire. Wars are fought for land and slaves. All our wealth, everything we make or do comes from the use of land. War is our biggest earner and our biggest polluter. If you want to end war, don’t buy a car – they’re totally connected we have to close down the Industrial Revolution and change our economy. Capitalism syphons off all profit for the investors and the rich, and it relies on tax-payers money to do it with. America is 31trn in debt, the world is 300trn in debt. It is cheaper to pay people not to work.
Chinese culture lasted from 1700BC until 1900, over 3 centuries, it had wars, rebellions, overthrow of dynasty but its identity was held together by a complete identity of culture throughout. It’s the greatest civilisation there ever was. I am mad about Chinese painting and Chinese poetry. Then the West destroyed their culture in the 19th century which led to Mao and the rest of the monsters who now copy the capitalist system. They’re part of the global war map.  and trade war.
We are working with the Green Party in order to establish an independent bureau that can advise government how to collect a tax for the use of land which is for the moment privately owned, or available for free use.





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